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Went to Abrego Grill around 4: I had a small dinner salad with We go here a lot when our favorite bar tender Gerald is working. The food is very good here. Gone there a number of times, usually on Friday. Wife likes the fish , and gets it cooked to order.

After a brief battle with Revy — and after the Lagoon Company fled the bar with Garcia, Roberta then bade the remainder of Abrego's men farewell — then dropped several grenades from under her skirt, which exploded, destroying the bar and killing Abrego's men — but not Abrego, who was picked-up by Balalaika's men. Abrego was to take custody of Garcia Lovelace after his superiors in Colombia had kidnapped the young boy to blackmail his father into selling their lands to them. Things for Abrego went from bad to worse when the Lagoon Company, who were escorting Garcia, arrived at the bar for a good time.

Jandely Abrego Reyes. Comment Jandely Abrego Reyes. Jandely Abrego Reyes War of Hormone. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat.

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First stay at Hotel Abrego and for sure, not the last. LOVE this hotel and can't wait to stay at Abrego again! Many of us were chatting and drinking while the rest was registering. Dear Julestravel, Thank you for staying at Hotel Abrego, we value your business and feedback. Our group had reservations with Hotel Abrego in Monterey for a weekend retreat.

Abrego Chat Rooms
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