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How it works: More serious conversations are streamlined with drag-and-drop file sharing, direct messaging, and video chats. And out of these needs, a bevy of chat platforms have emerged. The basics of team chat platforms tend to be fairly similar: Beyond the basics, however, the different apps have plenty of one-of-a-kind features. Here are five of our favourite team chat platforms — and what makes each one unique. London, MPs and Peers today accused Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of committing a completely unprovoked "Gestapo-style massacre" of defenceless, unarmed Iranian refugees at Camp Ashraf which led to the death of 35 Iranian dissidents and hundreds injured. Medical practitioner Hoda Hosseini pointed to photographic evidence of the injuries sustained by the wounded which clearly indicated that a targeted shoot-to-kill policy was used by Iraqi forces. Former Home Secretary Lord Waddington demanded a UN investigation into the attack to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice, while Lord Maginnis of Drumglass said: Mark Williams MP Liberal Democrat demanded that Iraqi forces immediately withdraw from Camp Ashraf and that the United Nations take over protection of the camp as part of their mandate. Pointing to video footage evidencing the continued menacing presence of Iraqi armed forces in and around Camp Ashraf, Lord Corbett on behalf of the Committee urged the UN to establish a permanent monitoring team at the camp and take over responsibility for protection of the residents to prevent a further such "Gestapo-style massacre". They fled Iran to escape the theocratic regime which has ordered the arrest, torture and execution of over , Iranian dissidents over the last thirty-two years. ST Chat Rooms. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Amir had to leave the field with what he said later was an attack of cramp in the left calf but Hasan Ali and Faheem Ashraf continued to put pressure on the batsmen.

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